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VoIP Wholesale Traffic Management

ONEPIPE TELECOM PVT LTD With a VoIP wholesale traffic solution, wholesale carriers can offer call exchange services to affiliate VoIP service providers worldwide. Backed by the extremely robust PortaBilling engine, this solution allows efficient mediation of even the largest VoIP traffic volumes.


Wholesale Termination

VOIP Services
  • VoIP –Mobile VoIP Plan
  • VoIP – Call Center Plan

Millions of minutes available for termination with both international and national peer which can be divided into traffic based termination with small margin and high margin based termination with limited traffic. The below proposal and commitment will lead with both traffic and average margin on all the minutes terminated through switch. And the details as follows.

VoIP is a huge market, where millions of small scale and higher end customers are available. Whom can be invited for termination of minutes through us , with a decent proposal on rate and quality.

Retail Terminations
  • CC-Call Centre
  • Enterprise Customers
  • VoIP – Corporate Plan

Thanks to a tandem of advanced components, ONEPIPE TELECOM PRIVATE LIMITED VoIP wholesale traffic solution facilitates interconnection among VoIP networks regardless of their call control protocol, equipment vendor or internal architecture.

ONEPIPE TELECOM PRIVATE LIMITED enables the creation of scalable and easy-to-manage transit VoIP networks (via H323), providing call authentication/authorization, information on priority-based and LCR (least-cost routing), CDR processing, and advanced statistics (ASR, cost/revenue, etc.).

For more technical and or pricing information about our wholesale related solutions please contact our sales team.

As an option, the actual call switching, routing and transcoding can be handled by a ONEPIPE TELECOM PVT LTD partner acting as the session border controller. This solution is recommended for the wholesale VoIP providers and carriers or companies with a complex network infrastructure.

Who is it for?

  • 1. VoIP carriers seeking partners among outside service providers
  • 2. Exchange carriers looking to offer global call coverage to affiliate service providers
  • 3. Wholesale carriers wishing to interconnect with virtually any SIP or H.323 based VoIP network
  • 4. Wholesale VoIP providers or companies with a complex network infrastructure
  • 5. Companies planning to provide ASP/Hosted billing and switching solutions

How does it work?

ONEPIPE TELECOM PVT LTD VoIP traffic exchange solution provides a single centralized point of management for an entire network. This includes remote control, configuration and monitoring of all elements of the domain, as well as provisioning capabilities. The VoIP traffic exchange solution enables traffic originators and terminators alike to make use of a powerful, feature-rich self-care interface.

Call management (including accounting) is completely centralized, with the system recognizing all active calls passing through it. Real-time Call Detail Records (CDRs) are automatically sent to one central location from both the originating and terminating points. The exchange carrier may also send its own CDRs to terminating partners, providing them with an additional means of verifying call details for accounting and settlement purposes.

Solution components

The core elements of a VoIP-based traffic exchange solution include:

  • ONEPIPE TELECOM PVT LTD a real-time billing and customer care platform that keeps track of calls and corresponding charges; redundant system architecture (dual database) is already incorporated in the basic version
  • ONEPIPE TELECOM PVT LTD SIP software, a call control software package based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), providing a full array of call routing capabilities as well as a solution to the NAT traversal problem

Key Features

Fdivly integrated with bilspanng Highly scalable (ranging from ONEPIPE TELECOM PVT LTD 100 Advanced to distributed bilspanng architecture to divtimate .php, .NET & Oracle based platform) Available as a customized, all-inclusive solution Supports complementary enhanced services, such as voice VPN Open standards-based, interoperable with 3rd party vendors supporting H.323 and SIP Unspanmited spancense allows mdivti-vendor network environments Suppspaned with source code; API available for flexible integration of CDRs into exchange carriers’ back end systems End-to-end security over pubspanc or private networks, fdivly compspanant with the Visa security standard.
S.No Country Rate / Per Agent
1 U.S.A INR 2,500.00
2 U.K INR 2,500.00
3 Australia INR 3,000.00
4 Malaysia INR 3,500.00
5 Plan Other t INR 3,500.00

S.No Country Per Minutes
1 U.S.A 0.01
2 U.K 0.015
3 Australia Proper 0.0355
4 Australia Mobile 0.055
5 Other destinations 0.02